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Province of Quebec

Quebec was not a province I thought Lightbodys would be found. While Montreal and Quebec City are sites for immigration, they were mostly entry points in the early days and families would move on, but that is seen in the mid-late  1800's and the early 1900's. So to find listings for early 1800's was a surprise. It seems most of these may be related to military postings and families that arrived with them or developed while they were there.

All the information on the Quebec Lightbodys came from

If you think you may have connections or have stories of long distant relatives that served in Quebec, please let me know and I would love to post those details for you here.


John LIGHTBODY of the parish of Killinchy Co., Down, Ireland, occupation: Cooper married a Mary 
1. Elizabeth born 1820, died age 7 months on June 7, 1821, buried June 8, 1821 in Quebec City, Lower Canada 

John Agnew LIGHTBODY married Susannah
1. Charlotte  born October 26, 1824, Quebec City, Lower Canada

John was an Ensign, dated March 22, 1821 in St. James Regiment, an artillery company. He was also a river master in HM 71st Highland Regiment of Foot. It formed form 1824-1832 and server in Quebec in 1824-1825 and in Trois- Riveieres (three rivers) 1827. 



Jane LIGHTBODY, sister of James LIGHTBODY married Robert POOLE on May 8, 1822 at the Anglican Church in Montreal, Lower Canada



John LIGHTBODY, Farmer of Dundee, a small are of of Bearchainois of Montreal married 
Mary MACKEEN(MacKaken) in the Church of Scotland.
1. James born  December 2, 1837 baptized, May 28, 1838, Dundee, Lower Canada
2. Thomas born March 1, 1842 Valleyfield, Lower Canada and baptized May 1, 1842, Dundee, Lower Canada, Presbyterian


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