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There are several Lightbody men and a few women that turn up in India. From what I can find at this point, none of them appear to be native born and all seem to be from either Scotland , Ireland or England.  They span from 1787 to 1919. Some are defiantly military while others I am not sure and I am not able to find a connection with any of the entries to see if some are the same person.

If you think you may be connected or have more information, please let me know and I would love to post it here and acknowledge your connection and contribution.

The oldest known Lightbody events are as follows:


James & Susannah LIGHTBODY
1. Susannah LIGHTBODY Christened 30 September 1787, Tanjore, Madras, India
2. Donald George LIGHTBODY Christened 21 February 1790, Tanjore, Madras, India

Susannah LIGHTBODY married James LEARMONT 28 May 1796, Fort St. George, Madras, India

John and Susannah LIGHTBODY
1. Elizabeth Christine LIGHTBODY born 22 June 1799, Fort St. George, Madras, India

I believe the Susannah in each of these cases is NOT the same person.

MADRAS: The Presidency of Madras or Madras Province and known officially as Presidency of Fort St. George) was a province of British India; Located in the south and east coast



John LIGHTBODY buried 7 July 1808, Bombay, Bombay, India

John LIGHTBODY born 1826, bied 2 August 1858, buried 3 Aug 1858 Ahmednugger, Bombay, India. Age 32

BOMBAY: The Presidency of Bombay, another province of British India located on the west coast



Private John LIGHTBODY born 1831, died 28 May 1860, buried 28 May 1860, Dum Dum, Bengal, India, age 29

James Gordon LIGHTBODY born 1898, died 27 April 1919 buried 27 April 1919, Ambala, Bengal, India, age 21

BENGAL: another province in India, north eastern

Indian Mutiny Medal

Private James LIGHTBODY 42nd Foot Royal Highlanders, Black Watch. 

Received the Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858. 

From this battle 5 died, 42 wounded but unsure if James was wounded or not. 

The battle took place in or around Lucknow, India. in March 1858


John LIGHTBODY born 1816, died 27 August 1845, Buried Agra, Bengal, India, age 28 years, 9 months, 23 days. A head stone was placed by his brothers in arms.

Served in HM 80th Regiment, Staffordshire Volunteer
May 25, 1832: Ensign
May 9, 1834: Lieutenant
July 26, 1844: Captain, vice nunn. ( listed as Lieutenant and adjutant at the time of his promotion)

From what I can find John set sale on Oct 8, 1837 escorting a convict ship. He was taking these men and other military men for garrison duty in Australia. The crew remained in New South Wales until deployment to India. The ship, SS Briton, ran aground in November 1844 on the Andaman Island and the crew that survived arrived in India to fight at the First Anglo-Sikh war. 


Letter dated October 22, 1842 from Lt. John D. LIGHTBODY to his history Mary Ann in Glasgow, Scotland about life in the British Army. This could be the same John as listed above. 

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